I am the girl from up above
The girl that stands tall in a room full of doubting men
The girl that aims for change, yet is perfectly content in her own ways

I am the girl that looks in the mirror and smiles
The girl that observes her flaws as complimentary aspects
The girl that knows her body and the limits she is able to surpass

I am the girl that looks you dead in the eyes
The girl that is not afraid of your negative backlash
The girl that fills you with fear because you know what she knows

Girls are powerful, fueling each other with inspiration each day
Girls deserve a leader, one that never fears what the man may say

I am that girl… I am the girl from up above

Be Heard

Our confidence is also derived from the results of our endeavors; A positive outcome proves to us that we are capable of doing exactly what we set out…

Be Heard

Don’t lose your balance by constantly struggling through life’s events as and when they unfold. Instead, take control and make decisions about what you want out of life…