In a world where people fail to recognize the patriarchy that we currently live in, it is very difficult to push away the pressures of being “prettier”. As much as we try to deny it, the standard has been subliminally set in our minds to look and act a certain way. Trust me I get it… looking in the mirror can become a battle for even the most confident of girls. However, the internal war to be “prettier” can brutally wreck your self esteem. So instead of trying to be the pretty girl everyone expects you to be, become the best YOU that you can possibly be. Obviously this is easier said than done, but we must start somewhere. Personally, when I am  having negative thoughts on the way I look or feel, I put on an outfit that I know I rock, and stand in front of the mirror and smile. This helps boost my confidence, which I will carry with me for the rest of the day. Everyone has unique ways that help them become the greatest that they can be… you just gotta find them:)

**** this is a response to the statement below

“Ok so I’m very upset right now & I don’t know if u even see this but I feel like I have to be a slut for guys to like me & everyone who I like & some times like me always just wants nudes or something. I feel like girls aren’t respected at all and I’m so sad right now because a guy just said he faked like me to just get pictures. Will guys ever appreciate you for who u r??”

Be Heard

Young and quiet Fearing any major social interactions Unaware of who I would become Scrappy and Tough Assuming the role of “tom-boy” Wearing basketball shorts with my hair…

Be Heard

I’ve been used. I’m usually not the type of girl that gets obsessive or attached in anyway but it happened. Waiting all summer until he got home, but…