I hate how attached I instantly become. Warping myself into a love that is so clearly one-sided.
Everyone always tells me that he is so perfect… but if thats so true then why doesn’t he show it.
Feeling like I’ve never felt before, but so empty and impure.
I wish that he listened when I expressed how I felt.
Every single time… yet still left with a heart melt.

Its so torturous knowing you love someone
Sitting on your bed waiting for the fun
but then you get that text that makes your spark dull
and you feel controlled by the situation and want to just bawl

Then the night goes by and I flip the switch
looking back at the texts and feeling like a bitch
Convincing myself that Im the bad guy for not letting him be
and moving past the situation in order to finally breath

But you see thats whats so fucked up about one-sided love
The idea that your feelings hold you down from up above

Im scared to let go…
to move on and to grow

Be Heard

Our confidence is also derived from the results of our endeavors; A positive outcome proves to us that we are capable of doing exactly what we set out…

Be Heard

Don’t lose your balance by constantly struggling through life’s events as and when they unfold. Instead, take control and make decisions about what you want out of life…